Certified Divers

Expand your dive experience during your stay in paradise

Certified divers can enjoy the spectacular dive sites at Jewel Paradise Cove for:

  Our Gear Your Gear**
Single Tank Dive $60 $50
Two Dive Package (1 day) $100 $90
Four Dive Package (2 days) $180 $160
Six Dive Package (3 days) $240 $240
Eight Dive Package (4 days) $320 $320
Ten (or more) Dive Package (5 days) $400 $400
Night Dives   $100 per dive

**For dive packages of 6 tank and over we offer equipment N/C. Rates include BC, Regulator, mask, fins, snorkel, weights, tank and guide. Our operating hours are 8:30am – 3:30pm. Package rates only apply doing 2 tank dives per day!**

To sign up to dive, guests of the resort must present their certification card at the dive shop and fill out the Certified Diver Liability release and assumption of risk agreement, Medical Statement and Standard of safe Diving practice statement.

Payment for scuba lessons, dives and certification courses are done via room charge.